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I am Norma Skeete, Real Estate Consultant in Arlington VA.  What exactly does that mean?  Really!  Well, I’m going to tell you, since it is the essence of what I am about and what you can expect from me.



So many times people have said to me, “I was about to buy a home but the agent was so pushy, giving me the impression of just wanting to make a sale”.  Or, “I was thinking about it, but I got apprehensive and fearful of taking such a big step”.



After hearing similar statements a few times, I donned the title of “Real Estate Consultant” specifically to elicit the question “What is a real estate consultant?” This gives me the opportunity to explain to people that I am interested in their needs and their  desires, and the only way to accomplish that is to first ask many probing questions – not only what type of home are they interested in, but also why they want to purchase, what will owning a home mean to them, how will it change their lives, etc.  In other words, the real motivation behind just wanting to buy a home.

There is always a light-bulb moment for people at the end of that exercise when they realize that it is, indeed, more than purchasing a home and that I am prepared to spend the time to make sure that they understand that.



So I want to convey that it is very important to me for you to understand that it IS all about you, which comes under the heading of “Know Your Client”. You deserve a real professional to help you through what might be the largest purchase in your life.  You should never have to settle for less with your real estate transaction.

When you go to a doctor, does he immediately say “You have a tumor on the brain, will tomorrow or the next day at 2PM be all right for an operation?”  Of course not.  He asks a lot of questions to enable a proper diagnosis.   I am an Accredited Buyers’ Representative focusing primarily on buyers since, unfortunately, too often they are not properly represented.  I would not represent the seller of the property for which I am representing you as the Buyer’s agent; yet this scenario plays out many times each day in the real estate industry.

Would you agree to the Plaintiff’s attorney representing you, the Defendant, at the same time in a legal case?  I think not, yet this happens all the time with real estate where a buyer agrees to be “represented” by the same agent who is selling the property and, therefore, is the seller’s representative. Bottom line, I am about taking you through the home-buying process the right way.

So if you are thinking about buying a home in Arlington VA, please call or text me at 703-920-0003. I will lead you through a proven and systematic process to maximize your value and minimize any challenges.