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Arlington VA Condos and Townhomes make up a large portion of the housing types in Arlington County which is right across the southern bank of the Potomac River (the Potomac River Boat Tour is a great experience) and the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC – the nation’s capital. Arlington Virginia is also bordered by Fairfax County and the City of Falls Church to the west and the City of Alexandria to the southeast.

Arlington VA Condos For Sale and Arlington VA Townhomes For Sale

With a population of over 200,000, it is the smallest county in Northern Virginia and one of the most popular.

Arlington Virginia boasts a very strong job market and stable economy due to its proximity to the nation’s capital and the seat of government in the District of Columbia, the Pentagon, numerous departments and agencies of the federal government including the Department of Defense (DoD), Drug Enforcement Administration, Transportation Security Administration and the numerous military bases.

Arlington Virginia is the highest-income county in the United States by median family income though it has the highest concentration of singles in the region.

It is also home to the very popular Marine Corps War Memorial, Arlington Cemetery, Robert E. Lee Memorial, the United States Air Force and September 2011 Memorials.

Arlington Virginia is well known for its diverse selection of homes. There are condominiums of all sorts – from the modest (meeting the needs of the young singles) to the very lavish for those who cherish the maintenance-free lifestyle and have the financial means. There are trophy homes; there are brick bungalows and contemporary-styled homes – you will not be disappointed; your particular taste will be satisfied here.

The convenience of living in Arlington Virginia is one of its most attractive features for its residents. Due to its urban planning aimed at discouraging dependency on automobiles, neighborhoods tend to be self sufficient with grocery stores, restaurants, entertainment and places of employment all blending together.

There are numerous modes of transportation – the Blue, Orange and Yellow lines of the Metrorail plus the regular Metrobus service as well as local county buses all combine to provide quick and easy access within Arlington VA and the entire Washington Metro Area. It is also served by Ronald Reagan National Airport.

All this means that it is quite easy to live without a car in Arlington Virginia. The Zipcar car sharing service taking major cities by storm is an added advantage in this direction.

There are many bike and walking trails and beautiful parks. Hop on to the Mount Vernon Trail from Crystal Drive and two hours later you will be touring the Mount Vernon Estate (historic home of George Washington) in Alexandria VA. Numerous parks, vibrant night spots and theatres, including the renowned Signature Theatre in Shirlington, are all reasons why Arlington VA is the most sought-after and popular of all the counties in Northern Virginia.

Arlington VA is the starting point for the Marine Corp Race and the Rolling Thunder ride into Washington D.C. each Memorial Day. Each weekend you can have your fill of fresh produce from the numerous Farmers’ Markets around the city. Throughout the year, there are festivals of one sort or another showcasing the best of foods, music and art.

Come home to Arlington Virginia – it’s waiting for you.

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