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Fairlington VAFairlington Subdivision Arlington VA is a huge townhome community covering over three hundred acres and can be found in the 22206 Zip Code  adjoining the City of Alexandria and adjacent to Shirlington. It is such an impressive and unique community, that it occupies a place in the National Register of Historic Places.  Built during the 1940’s, these units originally housed the military during the Second World War. You cannot be anything but impressed by the expansiveness of Fairlington Arlington VA when you view the giant trees of the maple and oak variety lining the streets for as far as the eye can see while standing at one end of its major thoroughfare.

The townhouse-style condominiums in Fairlington Subdivision are made of solid brick construction in a well-laid-out community. You have a choice of one, two or three bedroom units among an amazing array of styles, the most popular being the Clarendon. Do you favor the apartment-style units where if you are on the ground level, there can be up to two other units above you? Do you favor a one-level unit with a loft, perhaps? Do you favor the regular townhouse layout – main level, basement, bedroom level? And what about a balcony, or would your preference be a nice, big patio with space for both gardening and barbecue? You will have all these choices and more in Fairlington VA.

Another distinctive feature of the Fairlington townhouses is the roof styles; they are almost as varied as the units themselves!
Sizes of the units are between 711 sq.ft. and 1290 sq.ft. while prices run between $250,000 and $575,000 covering a broad array of different configurations.

You will not find garages in the Fairlington Subdivision, yet parking is not a problem. Some parking is up close and personal to your unit; other parking is in the quaint courtyards; some parking is in designated lots close to the units and there is also street parking.

Fairlington is divided into seven “villages” managed independently by each of the seven separate Homeowners’ Associations. Another division is between North and South Fairlington where Interstate 395 has left Fairlington Village the only one in the North while the other six are all in the South, they being Fairlington Arbor, Fairlington Commons, Fairlington Glen, Fairlington Green, Fairlington Meadows and Fairlington Mews.

There is one community center for the subdivision. There is also one Dog Park. There are several pools and tennis courts spread throughout.

Schools serving the community are Claremont Center Elementary, Gunston Middle and Wakefield High.

Fairlington VA is an amazing place to call home with so much room to grow – there are starter units and move-up units. Indeed, I have met residents who grew up there, left for college and employment opportunities and have now come back to settle down.
In addition, if you are thinking of adding rental properties to your investment portfolio, you cannot go wrong with a unit in Fairlington Subdivision Arlington VA.


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